About the project


The Future Histories Project 


Photographer Hugo Glendinning said "If you can revive it, it's not dead". Artist Leonie Leivenzon revives  items discarded and forgotten within books that have been donated to op shops. Sometimes resuscitated while at other times reincarnated, these items and the books in which they were found serve as the source material for a series of artworks. 


The Future Histories Project stems from a compulsive drive to collect and collate while at the same time striving to prolong the life of objects which otherwise had reached the end of their useful existence. 


Rather than working with one particular medium, the ideas generated from the different items and books determine the varied forms of the artworks. The works are therefore grouped in the form of volumes and chapters according to the concepts from which they originate.

 The work also addresses concepts that dispute the duality between human and non-human, animate and inanimate. While it may be a response to one object or one book, The Future Histories Project as a whole is a record, not just of the books and objects but of the people who donated them, thereby establishing a thread connecting all the different components with myself and the viewer.

About Leonie Leivenzon


Originally trained as a doctor, Leonie worked as General Practitioner for 15 year before becoming a hypnotherapist. She has now changed careers once more to become an artist and is in her third year of studying a Bachelor of Fine Arts at Monash University in Melbourne.


Solo Exhibitions

3 Days of Chaos, The Owl and Cat, Melbourne 2015

The Adventures Of Angela And Alfonso, Brunswick Street Gallery, 2016

Distant Intimacies, Intermission Gallery, Melbourne 2018

The Mythic Poem, Intermission Gallery, Melbourne 2019


Group Shows

Brunswick Street Gallery Small Scale Art Exhibition, Melbourne, 2015

Wild Horses, Hogan Gallery, Melbourne, 2015

Group One Finalist, Lethbridge 10,000 Small Scale Art Award, Brisbane, 2015

Figures and Faces, Beth Hulme Gallery and Studio, Melbourne, 2015

Brunswick Street Gallery 40 x 40 Exhibition, Melbourne, 2015

Myths and Memories, Beth Hulme Gallery and Studio, Melbourne, 2016

Milk Crate Show, Intermission Gallery, Melbourne, 2018

Wall to Wall MADA Exhibition, Monash University, Melbourne, 2018

Milk Crate Show, Intermission Gallery, Melbourne, 2019

Broken Telephone, Intermission Gallery, Melbourne, 2019