My life has taken many different paths. I am a doctor, hypnotherapist, mother, wife…. and artist. And while all these different elements combine to make up who I am, it is via my art that I connect with the essence of me.


I didn't plan on being an artist! I was an academic kid so it made sense to do something like medicine. Yet whileI enjoyed helping people, especially when I was working as a GP Hypnotherapist, it was never really a role that I completely felt comfortable in.


Then, as often is the case, life throws a spanner in the works. My daughter became unwell and my husband and I decided that I should stop work to care for her. But how was I going to care for myself in order that I could really and truly be there for her? I stumbled upon the answer one day while on Pinterest - an online intuitive art course. I could work at my own pace and in my own time. So I started to paint... and WOW!! What a revelation!


I had painted as a teenager but not for more than 30 years and I was loving it. In the mean time my daughter was slowly improving. I began posting my work on Facebook and to my surprise people wanted to buy it! Next thing I know I have work in galleries and shows. It really took on a life of it's own.


Most importantly, my daughter is almost recovered. And while I would of course wish that she had never become unwell in the first place, I am thankful for the opportunity to have found my passion. 


I work intuitively, beginning with random mark making using acrylic, spray paint, pastel, stencils and collage. I then work in layers until the painting reveals itself. These layers add a richness and depth to my artwork and I enjoy the kinaesthetic and textural quality of the process. I am interested in energy and emotion and being able to convey these via the use of abstraction. I use minimal lines to convey the human form and I enjoy seeing how each viewer experiences a different and varied response and interpretation of my work.


I am always happy to chat with people so please email me leonie@leoniel.com.au.


Yours creatively



Solo Exhibitions

Artist Open House, Melbourne 2014

3 Days of Chaos at The Owl and Cat, Melbourne 2015

Artist Open House, Melbourne 2015

The Adventures Of Angela And Alfonso, Brunswick Street gallery, 2016


Group Shows

Canterbury Art Show, Melbourne, Australia, 2014

APA Art Association, New York City, USA, 2014

Camberwell Rotary Art Show, Melbourne, Australia, 2014

Bayside Art Show, Melbourne, Australia, 2014

RAW Artists Melbourne Showcase, Melbourne, Australia, 2014

Mornington Art Show, Mornington Peninsula, Australia, 2015

Canterbury Art Show, Melbourne, Australia, 2015

Brunswick Street Gallery Small Scale Art Exhibition, Melbourne, Australia, 2015

Flinders Art Show, Mornington Peninsula, Australia, 2015

Mount View Art Show, Melbourne, Australia, 2015

Wild Horses, Hogan Gallery, Melbourne, Australia, 2015

Camberwell Rotary Art Show, Melbourne, Australia, 2015

Figures and Faces, Beth Hulme Gallery and Studio, Melbourne, Australia, 2015

Albert Park College Art Show, Melbourne, Australia, 2015

Brunswick Street Gallery 40 x 40 Exhibition, Melbourne, Australia, 2015/2016

Myths and Memories, Beth Hulme Gallery and Studio, Melbourne, Australia, 2016

Redeem Art Connected, Melbourne, Australia, 2016



Private Collections, Victoria, Australia

Private Collections, NSW, Australia,

Private Collections, Queensland, Australia

Private Collection, South Australia, Australia

Private Collections, New York City, USA

Private Collection, Michigan, USA

Private Collection, Los Angeles, USA

Private Collection, Birmingham, UK

Private Collection, Auckland, New Zealand



Group One Finalist, Lethbridge 10,000 Small Scale Art Award, 2015


Find out a little more about me in this video from the
RAW Artists Melbourne Showcase!!