A response to a book titled The Mythic Tarot Book 

 The Mythic Poem is an interactive work in which the audience is able to construct their own poetry by stacking oversized foam blocks onto which parts of sentences are printed.


These ‘sentence fragments’ in themselves only contain a fragment of meaning. Yet our subconscious automatically defaults to filling in the gaps. The Mythic Poem exploits this natural tendency with the viewer subconsciously completing the partial sentences, finding meaning and creating connections between them and then using these connections to take the individual sentence fragments and combine them into poetry. The sentence fragments are sourced from a book found in an op shop called The Mythic Tarot Book, in which a shopping tag had been left. The fragments are taken from the pages in which the tag was found. 


By stacking the 40 unique sentence fragments on the different blocks in whatever order they choose, the participant is able to make different combinations in the creation of their poem. In total there are over 2,500,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 possible combinations.


This work explores not only our natural tendency to find and create links between things, it is also looking at connectivity on a metaphysical level as well, that is, connectivity across time and space, between people and things. Even when we are unaware of these connections, a rippling occurs that allows the otherwise discarded items to live on.